Picture of Florian Lassnig


For Morden City Council

Because Families are our Future



October 26, 2022

After attending city council meetings since last October I feel well informed on most aspects of municipal governance. I have had insight on the challenges we face as a fast growing community. Now I wish to be a part of developing a strong and progressive leadership team.

Finding an affordable and environmentally sound wastewater solution, balancing industrial and residential taxes, ensuring fresh water supplies when the next drought comes along, investing in public amenities as a goal for large capital investments - it all comes down to one big question: how can we make life in Morden comfortable, liveable and attractive to the younger generation? How can we make Morden so attractive that people choose to raise their family here?
And for the big picture: how can we insure that our our community will survive and thrive in the future?

My time at city council will be dedicated to reaching this goal. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work

My promise to you is to serve you and perform my duties as a councillor to my best ability and in a fair, objective, ethical, transparent, responsible and professional manner. 

On October 26, please consider going with the Flo.


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