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Facepic of Florian Lassnig

My name is Florian Lassnig and I moved with my family to Morden in 2013. I was born and raised in Austria and moved to Manitoba in 2005. For me, Morden was love at first sight and although the idea of moving to Austria has touched us as a family a few times, we always end up loving Morden the most. As an immigrant it is easy to see the benefits of raising a family, the beauty of our geography and the uniqueness of our community here in Morden.


Now it's time for me to pay back my efforts, energy and creativity to my community. I chose city council as way of giving back to our community because I found it to be the most effective long-term payback that will, to some degree, affect all of us in a positive way.

I studied Communication Science and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, from where I received my Master's Degree. After that I attended Ecole Phillipe Gaulier in Paris (a clown school, which I miserably failed). That was the time when I started to become interested in complimentary healthcare, so I decided to move to Winnipeg and study Massage Therapy, which led to my study in Osteopathy. Today I run a small but busy clinic as a Manual Osteopath in Morden. 

I would say I'm a good communicator because I know how to listen. I love people of all backgrounds, ages, colours and paths of life. I am naturally curious and investigative, and although I failed in clown school, I am apparently funny. I generally have a positive outlook on life and I am looking forward to putting my energy and time into serving you on council.

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