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When it comes to planning sufficient green space in Morden, the 2022 Parks and Urban Forestry Masterplan lays it out well for future developments of Morden. As the northern part of Morden increases in density, this plan carefully takes into account greenspaces, parks and pathways to connect to each other. I would like to support additional active transportation infrastructure that connects existing parks with each other, but also allows us to use bicycles more commonly as a means of transportation within Morden. We need a network of pathways that enables all of us to safely use our bikes, because not everyone is comfortable biking on streets. This could be achieved by creating a grid of one-way single lane bike paths, without sacrificing too much parking space. Specific streets would have a designated one-way bike path, which would be located on one side of the street. This way parking is still available on every street, and not every street will have a bike path.

According to the Parks and Urban Forestry Masterplan people want better connections between parks and neighbourhoods. Let's plan and build them.

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