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The magic 60:40

In order to support a fast growing community like Morden, a balance between residential and business tax is on the top of our minds. In a perfectly balanced and healthy community scenario, this ratio would be 60:40, which means 60 % income from residential tax and 40% income from business tax. The more industry we attract, the more funds the community has, the more services we can provide.

But before this can happen, we must ensure that we can accommodate more industry.

Step #1 is ensuring that we can handle our increased wastewater demands. Right now, we cannot handle more industry because, as you are likely aware, our lagoons are at their maximum capacity.

Step #2 is expanding our business park in the south end of Morden. Currently most lots are spoken for, so we are running into the necessity of land expansion to our south. We need more space. Gladly, space is something that is available in Canada. 

It is my promise to you to work closely with our economic development department to make Morden a destination for new business, eyes wide open!

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