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About missing hardware

Recreation is a strong essential asset to Morden. It is what builds our city's identity.

Many of us would like to live a more active life, but are afraid or not motivated enough to do so. When it comes to being active, your immediate environment plays a big role: does your environment encourage you to walk, run, bike, hike, ski or swim?

It is our environment that stimulates us to get outdoors and be active, meet others and enjoy movement at the same time. We are so lucky to live in Morden, where the geography of our lake and decades of thoughtful urban planning cover the city with trees and parks. Our urban forestry masterplan (2022) envisions exactly that: more walking, hiking and bike paths around Morden and the future development of large green spaces and natural recreation zones as our city expands.

Additionally, I want to see more safe biking infrastructure through Morden, creating a network of active transportation, without loosing too much parking space.

When it comes to swimming, we are blessed to have a lake. Not many cities in Manitoba have a lake and a beach in front of their doorstep. While swimming has plenty of health benefits, lake time is limited in Manitoba. 

It does sound like a broken record, but we need a facility that allows us to enjoy the benefits of water all year round. An indoor pool and recreational facility that accommodates other sports than hockey and curling is on many people's mind. We need to seriously look in paving the way for an aquatic and recreational centre (ARC) in the very near future. This quality of life investment will keep us active and happy over the long winters. Not only will it attract more residents, but also more industry to consider Morden a destination. 

The road to such a facility is long, but with community stakeholders, school-boards, political decision-makers and strong public support we can start moving into the right direction now. I would be happy to support this project.

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