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... is a great place to raise a family. As a father of two, Morden is a community that chooses to grow in a sustainable way. It allows us a raise our kids within a healthy environment, close to nature and close to neighbours. Morden is a community that keeps each of us relatable to each other, tightly knit and yet open to the world around us.

Morden is also a place that can support our children in their choice of career. I want our kids to study in Morden and choose Morden as their home when they plan their future. I see Morden as a community that enables us to live a healthy, happy and active life, with plenty of opportunities - be it recreational or academic. 

Without a doubt, it is the beauty of our geography and the uniqueness of our community that make Morden the best place to raise a family. 

Morden is also growing fast. If our desire is to attract and retain newcomers as well as existing long-term Mordenites, we will have to build not only ways of equipping them with sufficient education and jobs, but also offering them amenities that will convince them that Morden is the right place to live and invest in. 

With our long winters, we need to look into ways of keeping active (and sane) during the cold season. Not everyone wants to play hockey, skate or couch-potatoe in front of a TV - we need to invest in additional recreational winter amenities to support community health. Morden is the gateway to Pembina Valley's regional recreation. We can capitalize on this image.

Not only will such amenities mentally shorten our winter months and give us opportunities to be active all year round, but they also can be an economic booster that attracts new businesses to Morden. This will result in a more balanced tax base between residential and industrial taxes, which will in turn lower our residential costs and allow us to maintain and further expand all infrastructure. As a result, our community will attract and retain newcomers more successfully and grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

I see Morden as a city that encourages innovation and warmly welcomes people of all lifestyles and ages; a city that supports public spaces and bolsters entrepreneurs. My vision for our community is to create a positive "buzz" by being known as the most enticing place to raise a family, start a new business and live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I want Mordenites to be proud of Morden. 

As your community leader it will be my job to keep newcomers (and oldcomers) in Morden by designing a city that is welcoming, appealing, green, attractive, socially universal in acceptance. A city that focussed on community health, allowing and endorsing an active lifestyle all year round. The choices we make as council will have a dramatic impact on what kind of city emerges in the long run.


I will be putting all my effort and time into pursuing my goals for Morden with an open ear to all ideas and I am looking forward to lobbying for my community. I am not interested in being a "meeting-only" councillor, and I will roll up my sleeves and get to work from October 27th on. 

I am looking forward to putting my energy and time into serving you on council.

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