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Prairie Wetland


Wastewater Management

I support a green initiative with cost savings to our city. Finding a wastewater solution that is environmentally sound and financially sustainable for a small city like Morden is something I can stand behind.

The City of Morden has initiated a feasibility study for a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly solution which is currently being conducted to satisfy provincial requirements for the technology. The plan is to install a system frequently used in Europe and which is in its design phase in other smaller Canadian cities. It is commonly called a "bio-kidney": The liquids and solids are separated through a micro-screening process. The liquid component is then sent through a series of sub-surface wetlands that treat the waste, turning it into raw water that can be safely released into the environment. The solid waste is sent through equipment that removes all moisture, kills pathogens and reduces odour. After that, the bio solids are then burned at temperatures of more than 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the bio solids have been turned into ash, they can then be used as fertilizer or as a component in road-building material. The process is odorless and has been proven to work well in several Canadian cities of comparable size; it is also affordable, since no chemicals are added. I fully support this option, with the plan to decommission our lagoons in the near future.


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